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13th October 2020
3:00 pm

13th October 2020
5:30 pm

Microsoft Teams access plus supporting resources

£60.00 for each session, may be accessed by a number of colleagues at once

Teaching assistant, Teacher, Middle Leader




    Teaching & Learning
  • Curriculum Primary & Secondary


  • English
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Teaching and Learning

3.00 – 5.30pm – Getting English Back on Track Identifying and Addressing the Nuts and Bolts in Years 3 and 4

This CPD session is intended for year 3 teachers, year 4 teachers, teaching assistants, KS2 phase leaders and/or English Subject Leads.

To support you in providing high-quality provision in English into the new academic year we are pleased to offer succinct, remote CPD sessions for teachers, teaching assistants and English Subject Leaders to be led by Maddy Barnes. These are an updated version of those offered last year taking into account the current context and the challenges this presents.

We are offering these sessions using Microsoft Teams to support flexibility of access. Given that each session covers two year groups at a time, it might be that a number of colleagues can access this at the same time in school.

Presented by: Maddy Barnes

Microsoft Teams access plus supporting resources

This session will cover:

  • Reading: what are the skills needed in years 3 and 4 to ensure children are ARE? Exploring the content domains for reading; identifying how to teach and assess these skills & sharing appropriate texts to inspire reading.
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: What are the ‘nuts and bolts’ to teach and review in GPS? Pulling apart the Appendix for GPS and Spelling to ensure coverage; identifying strategies to teach and review grammar in a context; recognising the skills involved in practising and fluency in understanding grammatical terminology and ensuring this knowledge is applied in writing.
  • Writing: what does ARE and GDS look like throughout the year? Exploring purposeful writing tasks; identifying texts that engage writers across the year groups; recognising what shared and guided writing actually look like and identifying what ARE and GDS look like each term.