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14th February 2024
1:00 pm

14th February 2024
4:00 pm

Bolton Science and Technology Centre
Minerva Road
Bolton BL4 0HA

SLA Schools - £30.00 per delegate and £50.00 for two delegates NON SLA Schools: £50.00 per delegate and £80.00 for two delegates

Senior Leader, Headteacher





Quality of Curriculum – Geography

Suitable for Head Teachers, Senior Leaders and Subject Leaders

Allan has taught in a middle school in West Sussex, a junior school in Grantham and a primary school in Melton Mowbray. He moved to Manchester in 1996 as a deputy and then as a head teacher for 10 years at a primary school in Middleton. For 11 years Allan was one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors. At Ofsted, he was the regional lead for initial teacher education, the regional lead trainer and the national trainer for equality and diversity.

For two years, he was the regional director for a large national MAT. He was responsible for all the academies in the north region and had Trust-wide responsibility for EYFS and pupil premium.
From 2020 for two terms, he has worked as a Manchester LA quality assurance professional, a QA professional for Liverpool, Wirral and Bury. He is now a self-employed education consultant working with individual schools, MATs and Local Authorities.

This training session will cover the following:

  • To help subject leaders through an Ofsted deep dive and to develop subject leadership.
  • To talk through some of the findings of the Ofsted research papers in the subject.
  • To network with other school leaders – how is everyone else doing it?
  • To improve the structure of schemes of work so that content is well sequenced and progressive.