What is Engagement and why is it important?

Parents who engage their children in books prepare them to become committed and enthusiastic readers: they can transform their attitudes to reading – The Reading Framework – teaching the foundations of literacy

Parental engagement is successful when it is planned, embraced and embedded by the whole setting/school.

We understand Parental Engagement to include:

Some reflective points to consider:

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Evidence base research (Can you add this project details be put into a drop down )

Sheffield REAL Project

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The REAL Project began in 1995 in Sheffield, a northern England city, and brought together the University, the local education authority and many Sheffield schools to promote family literacy work with parents of preschool children.


From the outset the project had six aims:

  1. To develop methods of working with parents to promote the literacy development of pre-school children (particularly those likely to have difficulties in the early years of school).
  2. To meet some of the literacy and educational needs of the parents so involved.
  3. To ensure the feasibility of methods developed.
  4. To assess the effectiveness of the methods in improving children’s literacy development at school entry and afterwards.
  5. To disseminate effective methods to practitioners and to equip them with new skills.
  6. To inform policymakers about the effectiveness and implications of new practices.

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