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Curriculum Doorways: sparking curious minds with creative classroom displays – The Oaks Primary School

Finding creative ways to help children enjoy learning and reading is a perennial teaching challenge—one that The Oaks Primary School in Bolton has been tackling head-on with their stunning ‘curriculum doorways’. Sitting right outside the classrooms of each year group, these themed displays are designed to be visually stimulating as well as educational. We spoke with Curriculum Lead Zoe Bullen and English Lead Katherine Robertson to find out more

Alex Quigley, 5 Strategies for Reading Complex Texts:

  1. Share the secret
  2. Stimulate curiosity
  3. Activate prior knowledge
  4. Teach ‘keystone’ vocabulary
  5. Read related texts


St Peter’s CEP agreed Reading Lesson Structure
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Information re: Vocabulary Tiers

Arduous 8 model- Link